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Widely used in flat and special-shaped materials in various industries

  • Glass deep processing

    Glass deep processing

    Coating with different techniques on the glass surface can give the glass colorful appearance and magical unique functions.
    The glass coating equipment and process developed by Senren Machinery have been widely used in the field of glass deep processing. The common application fields are:
    ◆ Cover glass (mobile phone, tablet computer), vehicle glass, touch screen glass, wearable product glass, optical lens glass
    ◆ Photovoltaic glass (solar glass)
    ◆ Appliance glass (colored crystal glass): crystal screen, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, microwave oven, electronic scale, etc.
    ◆ Architectural glass, decorative glass, art glass
    ◆ Smart home glass: furniture glass, switch panel glass, all kinds of smart home control panel glass
    ◆ Functional glass: heat insulation, UV protection, self-cleaning, conductive glass, etc.
  • Metal sheet / coil

    Metal sheet / coil

    Coating paint layer on metal surface is a very important method for metal anti-corrosion and special function. A good coating can maintain a smooth, non-destructive and tightly fitted state for a long time, becoming a barrier to inhibit external impurities from corroding metals and achieving special functions.
    ◆ If insulating paint, thermal conductive paint, heat insulating paint, non-stick paint, adhesive and other coatings are used for metal surface coating, it can achieve special functions and be used in automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, non-stick pans and other fields.
    ◆ The use of colored polyester coatings and fluorocarbon coatings can also achieve a variety of decorative effects on the metal surface, which are widely used in: metal interior decorative panels, metal billboards, metal ceilings, and aluminum for building curtain walls. Plastic board, metal veneer for furniture, round aluminum plate for non-stick pan, etc.
    ◆ The metal plate after vacuum coating can be coated with anti-fingerprint oil (AF) on its surface to improve the anti-fouling effect.
  • Polymer / inorganic materials

    Polymer / inorganic materials

    There are many kinds of polymer materials, such as plastic (PET, PMMA, ABS, PS, PA, PVC, PP, PE) rubber, etc., and the appearance is also divided into sheets and coils. Commonly used inorganic materials are aerogel sheets, calcium silicate boards, glass magnesium boards, ceramics, slate boards, paper, etc. Senren coating equipment has been widely used in the following products:
    ◆ Weather-resistant UV coating for PVC film used in outdoor advertising, body advertising, aircraft, high-speed rail, automobiles, etc.
    ◆ Calcium plastic board, calcium plastic floor
    ◆ Rubber runway, traffic signs
    ◆ Medical Low Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet Surface Isolation Layer
    ◆ UV Varnish on Paper and Cardboard
    ◆ Calcium silicon board, glass magnesium board surface decoration, weather resistant coating
    ◆ High-gloss coating on the surface of ceramic and slate
  • Auto parts

    Auto parts

    The domestic automobile industry is developing rapidly. In order to improve the efficiency, quality stability and automation level of auto parts production, Senren Machinery has developed a variety of surface coating equipment for auto parts, which has made contributions to the development of the industry.
    The main applications are:
    ◆ Steel back glued
    ◆ Brake pad coating
    ◆ Damping pad glue
    ◆ The surface of the aluminum battery aerogel insulation pad is coated with a protective layer
  • Electronics


    With the rapid development of electronic science and technology in the world, there are many kinds of electronic products, and the surface treatment requirements are also different.
    Senren Machinery can provide a variety of coating processes such as roller coating and spraying (electrostatic, powder) to provide you with personalized customized services.
  • Wood board/furniture/floor

    Wood board/furniture/floor

    Senren Machinery can provide a variety of coating equipment and processes for surface treatment of wood panels, furniture, decorative materials, floors, etc. Widely used in the following home furnishing industries:
    ◆ Surface coating of solid wood board, fiberboard, multi-layer board, particle board, etc.
    ◆ Surface effects and painting of various furniture, doors, cabinets and bathroom cabinets
    ◆ Surface coating of various decorative materials
    ◆ Surface coating of various solid wood and composite floors
  • SENR · Application

    Senren·Core Connotation

    Dedication, Integrity, Innovation, Transcendence

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      Focus on professional one-stop coating solutions

      Senren is engaged in the research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of coating machinery and equipment. The products include complete sets of intelligent coating equipment such as roller coating, spray coating, and curtain coating, which are widely used in various flat and special-shaped materials, providing one-stop solutions for product coating in various industries.

      Senren pays attention to new domestic and foreign technologies in a timely manner, and constantly develops new and applicable coating equipment. Utilize the effective resources of customers, effectively control management and labor costs, improve production capacity, and create good benefits for enterprises.

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      Provide personalized service according to your needs

      Senren Machinery can carry out scientific and applicable functional design according to the surface coating requirements of different industries and products, and design and process key components by themselves.

      Senren Machinery is always with you, providing you with advanced coating equipment and technology, and being your most intimate friend;

      We listen to your every need, from a professional point of view, to provide you with the most effective solutions and personalized customization services for coating equipment.

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      Excellent quality to create a first-class brand in the industry

      Senren Machinery, with independent product design and excellent manufacturing equipment, ensures that every set of equipment delivered to you is a high-quality product;

      Stable unitized production and standardized and perfect manufacturing process provide an effective guarantee for product consistency and timeliness of delivery;

      In the quality inspection process, we use high-precision testing instruments to closely monitor the dimensional data of each component in the production process, and at the same time strictly perform the factory inspection of each piece of equipment;

      Finally, we present to you: high-efficiency, high-quality and highly automated intelligent coating equipment.

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      Intimate service makes you worry-free

      From the factory, to installation and commissioning, operator training, to maintenance, Senren's professional after-sales service team provides you with one-stop excellent service.

      After-sales service personnel, who have been in the industry for more than ten years, have rich analytical problems and skilled problem-handling capabilities, respond quickly, solve your problems quickly, and provide free technical support to solve your after-sales concerns.

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    Senren Machinery is always with you

    Guangdong Senren Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Guangdong Senren Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of intelligent coating equipment. It is located in the famous manufacturing city---Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

    Senren Machinery has been committed to the research of multi-industry coating integration for more than ten years. The equipment covers: roller coating series; automatic spraying series; curtain coating series; (UV ultraviolet / IR infrared / excimer / EB electron beam, etc.) curing series.

    Senren coating equipment is widely used in: glass (subdivided into cover glass, vehicle glass, touch screen glass, home appliance glass, photovoltaic glass, architectural glass, decorative glass, thermal insulation/anti-ultraviolet/self-cleaning functional glass, etc.); Metals (subdivided into aluminum, copper, iron, magnesium, stainless steel, alloys, etc.); polymer composite materials; electronics; auto parts; home furnishing and many other fields...

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