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Our philosophy
1. The essence of the Mori culture:
Create an atmosphere of unity, cooperation and progress. Through honest and effective communication and never-ending learning, a positive and enterprising team will be established, and every member of the team will give full play to their strengths, so that People move towards glory.
2. Mori's goal
 2.1 The qualities that every member of the forest should possess:
    Great Wisdom: erudition, wisdom, high energy
    Great Virtue: Humility, self-discipline, principle, perseverance, fearlessness, loyalty
 2.2 The culture advocated by the Senren:
   Sen motto:
    It is better to seize the opportunity than to wait for the opportunity
    It is better to seize opportunities than to create opportunities
    corporate strategy: quality, innovation, brand.
   The spirit of enterprise: unity, diligence, excellence.
   Management policy: honesty and compliance, customer first, quality-oriented, and pursuit of excellence.
   Management policy: With the domestic market as the cornerstone, continue to develop the international market.
 2.3 The pursuit of Senrenren: We pursue to provide customers with high-quality equipment and perfect service in the field of furniture decoration machinery, and rely on perseverance to become an excellent manufacturer in the furniture decoration machinery industry.
3. Our employees
  Talents are the driving force for the development of an enterprise. Respect for knowledge, respect for talents, and respect for team spirit are the internal conditions for our sustainable development. An elite and efficient team is our greatest wealth.
4. Our technology
   We pay close attention to the latest developments in the field of furniture decoration, extensively investigate the needs of customers, and on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology, we independently develop practical products suitable for customers, so that our mature and high-quality products can stand on the top of the same field.
5. Our interests
  We adhere to the code of conduct of honesty and truth-seeking. We advocate the formation of a community of interests between customers, employees and partners. The growth of customers provides protection for the development of the company, and the growth of the company provides the possibility for individuals to realize value.
Service purposes
  Think about what customers think and what customers think" Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, and customer first, reputation first is the motto of each of our employees.
Based on the corporate philosophy of "Quality, Brand, Innovation" and the business strategy of being a first-class coating machinery manufacturer, Senren not only provides you with high-quality products, but also provides you with excellent pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. .
  Rapid response and immediate action are our consistent aim. The Senren company has a qualified and efficient after-sales service team. It is our solemn promise to our customers that 48 hours in the province and surrounding areas and 72 hours in other areas in China.
  Quality Assurance: Free warranty, lifetime maintenance, free installation and commissioning within one year. We are willing to train qualified operators for you.
  With the continuous development of the company's business, the company will set up service centers in major domestic cities to provide you with convenient and fast services.
  The company continues to develop new products and improve old products. We will provide you with technical updates and product upgrade services at any time. Purchasing Senren products makes you worry-free.