4Social Public welfare
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  The Chinese have always had the traditional virtue of "difficulties on one side, support from all sides". When a disaster arrives, companies can organize this public relations activity in a timely manner, which will greatly touch the emotional heartstrings of the public and resonate with the public.
  Sponsoring social welfare undertakings-Enterprises choose to sponsor various charitable undertakings and social welfare undertakings, and it is easier to get the general goodwill of all sectors of society. Goldlion, Konka, Jianlibao and other companies have outstanding performance in this aspect;
   Sponsoring cultural and educational undertakings—Cultural and educational undertakings are the foundation of a country. Chinese people have always praised the people and deeds of supporting cultural and educational undertakings as "respecting teachers and teachings, contributing to the Three Qin Dynasty". By funding the "Hope Project", setting up teachers or teaching reward funds and other sponsorship activities, companies can shape the national justice and social responsibility in the corporate image. Such public welfare activities are not superficial and fleeting, and their impact on enterprises is profound.