Key points for using UV varnish on a roll coater

1. Light source of roller coating machine: The high-pressure mercury lamp or metal halide lamp is generally used for the illumination source. The output power of the high-pressure mercury lamp is generally 80~120W to ensure the curing speed of the UV coating is less than 0.5s.

2. UV ink: need to pay attention to the combination of UV coating and ink, if necessary, first apply a primer.

3. Paper: UV coating is not suitable for processing paper that is easy to penetrate, because the low molecular material in the UV coating easily penetrates into the paper, causing the paper to darken or even soak. In this case, it is only possible to cure the paper on both sides of the paper with UV light. In order to prevent penetration, the primer layer may be first coated with a material other than the UV coating to avoid penetration when the UV coating is applied.

4. Drive protection: UV varnish is irritating to the skin, and if it is not used, it may cause inflammation when it is attached to the skin and clothes. In the case of high summer temperatures, it may infiltrate into the skin with sweat. Therefore, if the skin is covered with UV varnish, it should be washed with soapy water as soon as possible and replaced in time.