The specific operation process of the UV coating process of the roll coat

1. Put into the product: put the coated object on the plug-in machine to start working;

2. Electrostatic dust removal: remove the oil and dust brought by injection molding;

3, preheating: in order to better color the coated object a little temperature;

4. Primer spraying: cover the color of the plastic itself, and spray the color for the production first;

5. Drying: drying through the IR zone in the tunnel to prepare for the next spraying;

6. Surface spraying: the color required for spraying;

7. Leveling and drying: leveling and drying through the tunnel;

8, UV spray curing: and UV coating with UV light 365nm light coating required color (800 ~ 1200mj) for instant curing;

9. Ship and check the packaging;